A principle focus of my work is the documenting of the mundane.

Following my documentation of the street names in my locale, with the addition of snippets of local history, I decided to work on something similar using London transport Bus Routes.

No.7 about to leave East Acton.

My method has been to travel the length of each route from the starting point to its terminus photographing each bus stop sign, and then anything I can see of interest in the surrounds whilst the bus is halted. This could be attractive architecture, scenes of daily life or the demeanour of passengers waiting to board.

Piccadilly Circus

As before I have added historical notes where appropriate and occasionally the comments of fellow travellers.

Royal Academy of Art

Originally I had planned to document routes Nos.1-10. However, the No.10 route was discontinued and then it became apparent that my progressing MS would deny me the energy to complete the task. Consequently I have limited my investigation to local routes, Nos.6,7,9 and 94; the latter was fortuitous, since, during the Christmas period, the street decorations were particularly splendid.

The Bus Stop for Wormwood Scrubs.
Wormwood Scrubs Prison.
Highlever Road.
Dalgarno Gardens
Regent Street Christmas Lights.